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Personal Loans
* School Fee Loans
* Refinancing

Phone Number:+675 323 3396
Fax:+675 323 3438 / 323 8458
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32 Responses to “Heduru Moni Ltd T/A Moni Plus”

  • muli .p. kera

    I have acquired a personnal loan I want to know my balance and when final repayment is due through BSP pay deduction. I am currently paying K470.00 per fortnight.

  • BARNABAS Kianga

    Could i request for my account statement and my remaining balance?

    • umo wowogo

      I umo wowogo ,file # 10606353 aas warder of Lakiemata cs Kimbe need a outstanding loan balance statement as soon as possible

  • Asei Angelo

    Please could your give me my latest loan balance and when my loan repayment will complete?
    My account number is 1001269497
    Angelo Asei.

  • Douglas Sangri

    Could you please send me my statement.My file#:10959263.

  • fonde

    Attn: loans officer, could you please send me my loan balance / file number: 11331659. Name: Vero jack temai.

  • Hosila Robin

    Could you please send me my statement and when my loan repayments will be completed..thank you.

  • Martin WERE

    Please I wish to know my loan balance ASAP.
    My file number is 10547097


  • Timothy Yongapen

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Could you urgently send my outstanding loan balance on this email address pls.

    Cheers !!!

  • Janet Winuan

    Requesting for my current statement.please!

  • Gema Kevan

    Deductions are still being done even after I paid in November last year, called more than 5 times and when I tell them the problem they end the call, that’s my money you are stealing…I want it back or I’ll sue you…Such poor customers!!!

  • Francis Daink - resident

    1) Is there any consideration or redemption if I paid off my loan well in advance of the Agreed Term of Repayment?

    2) Please send me the Statement although I know it still early days.


  • Janet Anton

    could you please send me updates on my loan through my email.

    Janet from Holiday Inn Express,Port Moresby


    Requesting for my outstanding loan balance.

  • albert jerry.file 10141257

    requesting for balance & statement

  • Leslie Magoipen

    Could you sent me my personal loan balance

  • jacquelyn Mane

    Could you email my loan please. My file number 10278344. Thanks.

  • Bembem

    Please sent Mr Mark Pulupia email address.
    Thank you.

  • Christine Iramu

    Hi, I currently have an outstanding loan which I am currently paying up with out any delay,,I am requesting if there’s any possibility for me to get an additional loan on top of what I am currently paying fortnightly ,,please reply via email address given in the email box.

    Thank you.

  • Nancy Joromo

    Could you please give me my loan balance please

  • Nancy Joromo

    My file number is 10975657

  • Sanu Baiyet

    please send me my loan statement
    Sanu Baiyet
    F No.10935271

  • Malcolm Dileng

    I have apply for a loan which was approved on 11th of July 2019 and was deferred due some circumstances as if i had a loan outstanding .Therefore,when going through my file through cdb i have never had a loan with other loan society so how would this be possible.

  • Filma Yala

    Please send me my loan statement. I need it right now.

  • Filma Yala

    File# 10517348. Filma Yala. My loan statement please.

  • Clifford hangatsia

    Can you send me my loan statement,

  • Aika Paul

    Please I need to be emailed my loan statement ASAP.
    Thanks Aika Paul file number 10193843 email address paul

  • Shanen Numbuk

    Loan balance

  • Shanen Numbuk

    I would like to know my loan balance

  • Daniel Maor

    Could you please send me my previous loan statement? It can be send to my email address above.

    Thank you.
    Mr Daniel Maor Educ. 10055750. TSC.

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